Grand Senora County RolePlay (GSCRP)

Grand Senora County RolePlay (GSCRP) is the Official Roleplay Community of Jacobs Modification. GSCRP is a fun but structured RP community, with few rules. We believe in keeping the Patrols fun and not having 50 different rules like some communities. We are constantly looking to try and improve the server and like input/ideals from our members. We currently have one 32 slot server, Teamspeak, and EUP. All LEO vehicles were made by Jacob and Dylan from Jacobs Modification including Jacob’s CHP pack. Currently we have 5 different Divisions/Depts (Civ, Comms, Fire/EMS, Highway Patrol, and County Police). Joining our community couldn’t be easier, just join our Discord and fill out the very short application/questionnaire. That’s it, currently we are not conducting formal interviews, also we are not requiring in-game training. So if this sounds fun to you please apply today, and spread the word. Hope to see you in-server soon.