Goonsquad Expire - Add expiring to your qbcore items! [QBCORE]

This resource adds the ability for your items to expire, This resource is only compatible with QBCORE and requires a little modification to your inventory to display the status of your items.

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  • 3 Types of categories which fit your server which includes a category for Food items, Materials and one for all the other items you’d like.
  • Items lose health based on the category they are in, It deducts the amount of health you specify in the config file every few minutes that you can specify in the config file.
  • Don’t want an item to expire? Just don’t add it to the config and it’ll retain it’s health all the time!
  • Optimized to the max! 0.00 ms at all times.
  • Regular Updates and Support!
  • Encrypted by FiveM’s Asset Escrow System!
  • Super Easy Config so you can edit stuff yourself.

Please note that this resource requires some modification to your inventory resource in order to show the expiring status of the item.

Preview of Config file:-

Note: I’m aware that a free resource was released that does the exact same thing, How is my resource different? Item decay is handled client sided and it takes up almost no cpu while the free resource might hitch your sql server if you have a large database.

I would point out that there are other free client-sided degradation scripts for qb out there; for example GitHub - mknzz/qb-durability . In addition, the POC I put out last week was to show that it COULD be done in qb; not necessarily a solution ready, out-of-the-box, for a production server.

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What is different from qb-durability with this? You said it is handled side but thats the exact same thing qb-durability does?

This just seems like you edited 2 lines of code of config and then tried to reselling a open source project for $15…

I wasn’t aware that there was a client sided free alternative available. When I started working on it there was nothing available.

And no this is just not an edit of qb-durability. This was made entirely from scratch.

Anyways you can check out our other resources on our tebex page.

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