Golden Framework (V1) | No Support


This RP Framework was created around 2 years ago, It has been through quite a lot of development, and I have recently stopped working on the project as I have had no free time to continue to work on it.

The framework currently has:

  • Character Creation/Selection.
  • Paychecks (Different for each department).
  • Departments (You can only use: LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, LSFD, CIV. (Departments are hard coded - Paychecks can be changed in the Config).
  • Server Whitelist (You can enable this in the Config, You will need to manually add the players into the Database).

Features which where being worked on, But where not completed:

  • Phone System (Where you can add contacts, message characters, call characters, use twitter, etc…, Configurable in the Config).
  • Banking System (Where you can deposit/withdraw money, Pay other players, Admin commands, and there is a Money HUD that shows the characters cash/bank balance).
  • Markers/Blips (So you can find shops/banks and other places more easier, Also toggle-able in the Config).
  • Shops (Where you can buy food/items and other stuff, Will be manageable in the Config).
  • Jobs (Civilians will be able to go places and get jobs that they will get paid for. Unemployed Civilians still get paid, But not much, Can be changed in Config).
  • DMV UI (Civilians will be able to Manage their Licenses and Vehicles).
  • Properties (Where players can rent/buy Houses and Apartments, and Garages to store their vehicles).

Like it says in the title, This Framework will not have support from myself.
Only use it if you know what you are doing and are capable of coding in LUA.

Pictures of the Framework

The Background and Banner can be changed in the config!

The Starting Money has a max limit of 5 digits! ($99999)

The Money HUD is shown at the top-right of the screen!

Clean Notification System!

This resource is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Framework Download:


Is this fully standalone?

From the introduction, I think it should be

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Looks like a pixelworld rip but im interested

Hmm, You can compare the code. Nothing should be the same. I built the framework from scratch going for a DoJRP style.

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Well there are sadly some big issues. Such as using around 8 mysql queries for something that could be done in 1 query. Also I would always recommend using oxmysql instead of mysql-async.

Also the character creation is not secured in any way which means that any cheater could easily creat themselvs a “police character” / character with any “dept” as you call it. Since you can simply trigger this event with any values of your own choice.

You can even give yourself infinite money by triggering the “golden:framework:payCheckInterval” even alot of times. I would always recommend to handle paychecks on the server like all other frameworks.

And probably alot more, I just took a look at this for a couple of seconds.
Until this gets fixed I wouldnt recommend to use the framework since any modder can join and ruin the entire experience.

Although very cool idea etc, if you dont know how to fix this then private message me and I will take a look at it.

No it’s not, he is just using bootstrap lol


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Oh dang, yeah nah he better change out the jquery too.
Thought you meant you found that in my script at first, I was quite confused haha.

But yeah nah jquery is VERY outdated and quite badly optimized from what I know. I Would recommend Vue, Plain JS or React to Golden.

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This Framework is pretty old. I have not worked on it in a hot minute. (Now, I can start to see where I could change things to make it better, But I am not going to)

If you want to continue working in it, and keep it maintained. Feel free too!

Like I said, This has no support as I had not had time to work on it.
This was mainly for development purposes to see what I could come up with. and not really optimized.

I am currently working on a more better (and cleaner) Framework in C# which I hope you all will like.
I have already noted to make paychecks more secure on the server. and have checks to make sure it can do paychecks etc…