GN Police Menu v.0.0.4 Update Made For Fivem/FivePD (Serverside Only!) Fixed!

This is a Server Side Police Menu (WIP) !

Fixed the menu not working because off missing files in the repo everything shut work fine now!!

This one is made for Fivem and FivePD
its still in his early skin but we work on it every day to improve and make it better for our users
It is not a new police job script its a menu u can use with it yea you can stop people en do everyting with only this menu but thats it you cant call for transtport or deliver them to a station

This is somting we are looking in to

To open the menu use F5

Menu Options

–Player Options –

-is were you currently get youre uniforms more option will be added to it

–Police Menu–

this is were you go on duty
get youre car
and were you find the ped interaction options like

(Uncuff will also release the ped at the same time
and you will then get a notification that youre back 10-8)
Ask for ID
check ID
place ped in vehicle (this will put the ped in the back right of the cop car)

–Service Weapons–

here you can pick you load out for the day

If there are anny issues please let us know and we will fix it ASAP

build v0.0.4


-Police Toolbox

  • Police ToolBox options


    more will be added in a later update!!



Download here Form oure github:

Install Turorial:

there is no link

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thanks for letting me know i fixed it

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what button do i use to use it becuz its not working for me

ow yea fergot to add it its F5

Dont work for me… I think I should explain it a little better …

What is not working?

the whole thing

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yea that aint helping sorry make sure you install it to the server and that you start the GN-Police-Menu resource not the [gn_menus] folder that wont work that when ingame press F5 and it shut pop open but keep in mind its serverside only

oke i checked the resource and indeed found a problem im fixing it as we speak it seems to be a github problem not uploading all the files and a update will drop soon

The Repo is fixed and it shut work now i dubble checked it this time thanks for reporting it