GlizzyRP | 100k or Die | Custom Drugs & Gangs | ESX | Custom Cars | Custom Drip | Streamer/E-girl friendly | And so much more!

:smiley: Glizzy RP :smiley:

  • Welcome to GlizzyRP, a new addon to the 100k or Die Family.

  • Here at GlizzyRP, we strive to keep the community happy. Thus by adding new resources, and requested features that the community wants.

  • GlizzyRP is a very newly developed server, developed by one person alone and still has a long way to go to reach the top servers. But with help from the community this is very much possible, why not check the server out if you are into 100k or die servers?

  • *Here at GlizzyRP you have lots of stuff to do, maybe you want to join the LSPD… Maybe you are looking to join a Gang and capture turfs? It is all up to what you want to do with your life! *

  • GlizzyRP was just released, literally yesterday and we are still in need of Staff Members, LSPD Members and players. If you have the time, please check the server out and give us feedback on what we could change or what we did that is good!

So what do you have to lose? Join our Community Discord and check the city out!

Discord server - Glizzy RP