Gilo Survival Core

Welcome to Gilo Survival Core - Your ultimate companion for a dynamic survival experience on “SURVIVAL” themed servers! Gilo Survival Core is a powerful script designed to enhance and customize the survival gaming experience on your server. Here’s what makes this script an essential addition to your mod arsenal:


Constantly monitors the ambient temperature and displays it in the Hud with distinct colors indicating hot or cold. Automatically adjusts the temperature based on the clothes worn and offers the ability to customize the effects of heat and cold. Interact with the surrounding environment to maintain the ideal temperature: warm up near a fire, inside a vehicle, or within a house.

  • Radioactivity:

Defines radioactive zones in the game world with customizable effects. Configures the effects of radioactivity and items usable as medicine. Offers a range of protective masks against radioactivity.


Alters the weather conditions during the night for a darker atmosphere. Activates “SUPER NIGHT” to make nighttime excursions more challenging without the use of torches.

  • BUFFS:

Clearly displays active states such as proximity to fire, inside a vehicle, medicinal effect, etc. Customizes up to six different buff types, visible through export. But you can add 6 different buff types via export.


From now on, being close to zombies will be scary because you could get infected through their bite. The infection status will be visible in the HUD and will change color depending on the severity of the infection. You will need to treat yourself with medicines (configurable in config.lua) to survive.


Experience resource gathering such as wood and stone from objects on the map, making exploration even more engaging. (EXPERIMENTAL PHASE) Gilo Survival Core is the epitome of innovation for survival enthusiasts, offering an immersive and customizable gaming experience. Dive into action and turn your server into an epic adventure with Gilo Survival Core!



Code is accessible All you need is Accessible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1600
Requirements esx,qb
Support Yes

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Great job, definitely keeping this under my radar for our next big event!

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looks very cool well done

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