GifGat QB-Vehicleshop

A Stock system Integrated into qb-vehicleshop

Vehicles are bought by the cardealer where he has to then collect the vehicle and take it back to the shop

| Code is accessible | Yes
| Requirements | qb-core, qb-menu, qb-target
| Subscription based | No
| Support | Yes

preview = qb-vehicleshop

qb-vehicleshop.rar (37.7 KB)

Updated the vehicleshop with a order vehicle menu and Buy Stock option

  • it orders the vehicle that is selected and posts tou your selected channel in your discord (webhook not channel id)
  • the order button cant be used if there is 2 or more vehicle in stock so is only usable when stock is 0 or 1
  • The buy stock option buys the current selected vehicle for you to add to the stock
  • The money is deducted from the cardealer society funds

Updated the entire script to be just 1 recource

Update 31/3/2023
Updated spawn and blip code with different locations for each shop
Locations are set under each shop in the config.lua


This would be amazing, with a webhook to discord (car dealer channel) to inform dealers of stock needed in the different showrooms etc. Like customer orders…

Good idea ill look at it

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Amazing. Cant wait to test. Send me a message if this gets put in man. :slight_smile:


It has been updated with it you can go ahead and redownload it

Sounds amazing. I seen ur post in ps-slotg and sent gratitude there. Already testing. So far so good. Nice job man :clap:

super nice script :slight_smile: is there a way i can make it so only one vehicle shop has the stock system? im also having an issue with the car not returning after test driving for normal players

There is an issue of when you got into and out of one zone, then into another, too fast, the script breaks and claims it cant find any combozones. Requires a server restart to fix.

Nevermind, looks like the new points I created were right on the edge of the polyzone for the store XD

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does the finance work on this? the qb vehicleshop i have now, Just allow you to make a payment once and you can keep the car.

dealership/server/sv_main.lua:399: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘Vehicles’) getting this error

[script:qb-vehiclesho] SCRIPT ERROR: @qb-vehicleshop/server.lua:106: No such export GetAccount in resource qb-management

have you updated the script? thats been changed a while back when qb-core released the management update

unfortunately does not work

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go to qb-vehicleshop/server and ctrl+f look for qb-management after that replace all qb-management to qb-banking save and try it.

Why can’t I open the menu?

its just drag and drop ?

Sorry but it doesn’t work, even making this change… I think we should also intervene in QB-banking