A ATM Robbery/Bombing

A ATM Robbery/Bombing where players need to C4 to blow the atm up

After blowing up the atm cash is dropped where they have to pick up all individual piles of cash

| Code is accessible | Yes
| Requirements | QBCore , QB-Target
| Support | Yes

Preview = ATM-Robbery
GifGat_ATM-Robbery.rar (15.1 KB)


ESX Soon?

I might look at making an esx, just dont have an esx server to test on

Do you know if its possible to add money with NDCore export? functions - ND Framework

And support for ox-target too?

Ill have a look for you

does this script come with the c4 or is that a diffrent script im new to this stuff

im new does this come with c4 or is that a diffrent script

Getting this error when picking up the marked money on the floor (which seems infite btw)

Also, how can we make it that anyone can pick the money up not only the person who robbed the ATM?

Hi @MidlifeGamingCrisis Ill have a look at it as soon as posible

Has been fixed

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Im looking for the GifGat_Bmarket, where can I find it?

on our github GitHub - Aries007691/GifGat_Black-Market: A black market script where you can buy and sell items

qbcore is better in my opinion everything actually works and looks nice along the way

dope! be nice if for esx and ox target!

I want the cooldown only for looted containers. Not every gantry cooldown

idk if you still supporting this script, but im try to use the script but i only can use when i restart it, if i try to bomb another atm after one was done, nothing happens and i receive a no cops on duty warn!