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Welcome to Ghost Valley Roleplay, we are a new FiveM server looking for people like you, experienced or not, everyone is welcome here! We are a fully whitelisted community looking for active members, staff and administration! Join today and fill our staff and administration!

We are a serious RP server that plans on being here for people to join as far as we can see ahead, we have the devs and finances to do it. We hope to see you join!

  • Brady A. Media Director

Departments available to join today!

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

San Andreas State Police

San Andreas Fire Rescue

Civilian Operations


Join today and roleplay with some amazing people, developers, scripts, cars and EUP!

Community Management
Austin C.
Brady A.
Michael O.

Chief of Staff
James K.

Ghost Valley Roleplay Community Server ← Click here to join today!

We are currently looking for a new Sheriff! If you have the experience and the time to put in to fulfill the duties of this position, please consider joining and taking the time to work through the application and interview process to hopefully fill this position!

We are still on the lookout for a new sheriff!

We have recently implemented server sided sirens (we are still implementing some for the fire department)

SASP Liveries are fixed/finished