GetVehiclePedIsIn in server

GetVehiclePedIsInis is not defined on server (js and onsync enabled)



What server version are you using?

Last version recommended for windows (2430)

I guess that native was added after that, then.

Is work on 2907.

We should add a note on the version in which the Native appeared.

No, one should just always run the latest version.

Server version shouldn’t be a free choice, the only reason it somewhat is is because there’s no auto-update logic for long-running processes.

The “recommended” version meanwhile hasn’t been changed in ages because people constantly report alleged regressions but without any info or response when asked for such info.

Maybe a tool to update could be nice, I find it very exhausting to check on a daily basis if there is a new server version, download it, and replace the files every other day.
Could be really cool to get a warning message on server startup “New server version is available. ‘update 8584’ to update.” or something like that.

Best way is to join fivem’s discord and keep an eye on #repo-updates channel. Every single change is posted there so it’s up to you to decide whether you should update now or wait for a later big change.

Every new commit is posted over there, not every new server update, also I like the idea of not entering the download page, download, unzip, and replace all files, and instead just typing “update 1919” and will do all the work for me, also can be useful to check in which version a certain bug began because it’s so easy to replace server versions.