Getting error when loading server


When trying to load my server after the update, I keep getting an error shown in the screenshot attached. Any ideas? I also attached my citmp-server file to show i am only loading 1 extra resource which is my loading screen.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have reinstalled the files and even tried redownloading fresh files, still same error.


Anyone have any ideas? I seem to be the only one having this issue. have reinstalled everything, still nothing. Someone from 5M should know what the error means.

Update: I think I figured out the error. It’s when I am putting in the title of the server in the citmp file. I used to be able to put something like ^4 Seattle Life RP | ^3 Public Emergency Services | ^1 TS:

It seems titles cannot use colons in them. Is this correct? I used to last week, never had a problem before. But now it seems to cause issues.