Getting crashes everytime i want to open and try fivem

[Window Title]
FiveM Error

[Main Instruction]
FiveM has encountered an error

Could not contact entitlement service. Status code: 403, error message: 0/, response body:

If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details in this window.

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: ros-patches-five.dll+3EDE4
Report ID: uploaded! (use Ctrl+C to copy)


We believe you are having issues with FiveM, we would like to have some additional information.

Error Format

Please provide the requested information using the above template.


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Seems like a social club account issue…

Have you tried the following:

  • Logged into the social club website without any issues.
  • Clearing you login information and forcing to login again (delete %localappdata%/DigitalEntitlements).

If not, please try it.

No luck. Afterwards I tried GTA5 to see maybe that had the same issue in case it was Social Club. But no issues there.

Does anyone have an idea of whether “entitlement service” is an actual feature of FiveM or is it used to validate a user account within Social Club? That could make this a totally different issue to put blame on.

I found this off of another post but go into your %appdata% folders and delete %localappdata%\digitalentitlements and %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat. (if u cant find citizenfx look under roaming)
if it works and you load up, the blue screen might take a while(It did for me) but it ended up working!

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It worked! Thanks Matt.K!

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