🇩🇪 [GERMAN] Nevergone Roleplay wants you!

Hey guys,

for several months now we are in the process of implementing our “oasis of different Roleplay experiences”.
The two of us managed to write our scripts for almost every area in the game.
But who doesn’t know it… there is a lack of motivated team members if you want to offer something unique.

Our goal is to not use any third-party designs or scripts so that we can create a “wow effect” - variety and satisfaction are our top priorities.
We want to go in the direction of realism in principle - in short: roleplay with realistic aspects.

A small excerpt of our existing features:

• Crafting system
• Questing system
• realistic economy in $
• farm routes with farm system (in connection with the crafting-system)
• Housing system (with possibility to determine interior design by yourself)
• Health system (hitbox on bodyparts, bleeding ect.)
• Inventory system (with weaponmodifications and a statusUI for an accurate health status in connection with the health system)
• Gang system
• many civil options (Jobs & Activities)
• Clothing system (nearly 30K Clothes were converted into items)
more soon…

What are we looking for?

• LUA and JavaScript - 1/2

• HTML, CSS and JavaScript - 1/2

• Redesign of the game world and creation of new PED animations - 0/2

Likewise, we have tasks for people who do not want to deal with programming or modeling.

Filling the database
• Assign item names correctly, come up with descriptions and quest content.

Simple graphics editing
• cutting out clothes and vehicles

Many tasks are time-consuming… that’s why we pay programmers and modelers!

We are also looking for the later release:

• Community Management
• Administration
• Event Management
• Discord/TeamSpeak Moderation
• Support

You have absolutely no experience but are motivated, want to help and learn something?
Even then you may contact us to grow together with Nevergone Roleplay!

We will then clarify everything else in a personal conversation.
Minimum age of 18 years!

Discord: https://discord.gg/nevergone

Thank you for your attention and maybe see you soon :slight_smile:

With kind regards,
Nevergone Roleplay



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