Genuine RP experience

I’ve been on this server for two months, and I’ve had the best experience of any server I’ve played on so far. (I’ve played a lot of Aussie servers & some American) Your computer can handle the majority of the server without really struggling and this is considering the fact that my computer was built on a tight budget. It just feels incredible and different from the clutter of dull RP servers out there, that don’t engage their community nor put effort into their server.
The community is wonderful and packed with amazing people just out to have a good time and the staff team actually upholds its principles and has made this RP Server into a utopia among the majority of Australian servers. Since there are no unfair techniques to make massive amounts of money, The economy is booming and everyone values how they use their money and isn’t just ridiculously rich or emptying their wallets for guns, cars & etc. Everyone who mains this server is respectful and unique with how they approach RP, they all have their own distinctive styles & personalities and aren’t simply a clutter of the same bogans trying to ruin your day for their amusement. The staff actually engage their community and allows them to bring forward any ideas they’d want to be included in the server.
Look, Try NewSpark out for yourself, especially if you’re interested in a genuine community with people who are all just here to enjoy their time. Because, In my opinion, NewSpark is one of the golden standards right now when it comes to RP, and there aren’t many RP servers in Australia or the globe that meet that criteria.


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