Genesis Roleplay - Serious RP - Complete Custom Code - Unique Story-Driven Events - Businesses - Gangs - Drugs - Crim & Civ - 3+ Years Strong

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Genesis RP is a PC server looking for new players on a long standing and well established server. If you’re looking to create your organization or start anew our server has the foundation and history to allow you and your friends to come play your style and your way. If you’re willing to put in the work to climb the ranks you could be at the top of the mountain in an immersive story driven universe.

We are an active and welcoming community looking to continually add more people to join in on our unique experience. We take a wide range of people from being new to roleplay to seasoned veterans. Together, we will learn and grow to provide the best stories and scenarios offered.

:telescope: Currently Looking For :telescope:

:heavy_check_mark: Police

:heavy_check_mark: Entire organizations (criminals, religious zealots, anything fun and creative!)

:heavy_check_mark: People willing to step up and lead groups

:computer: Server Information :computer:

:heavy_check_mark: Public server; but we ask you join Discord

:heavy_check_mark: Runs on VerseCore, a custom code that runs faster and responds quicker than the standard VRP/ESX used on most servers.

:heavy_check_mark: Code writers and developers dedicated to the server

:heavy_check_mark: Experience based player system with 100+ skills to specialize in creating thousands of unique character possibilities

:heavy_check_mark: Wiki: Obliviverse Wiki

:heavy_check_mark: Discord: You’ll get to know a great community

:heavy_check_mark: Dedicated Forums: Pertinent Information always posted

:high_brightness: Features :high_brightness:

:heavy_check_mark: Global storylines that comes from decades of in house lore created by Oblivion Entertainment games that is aimed to include the entire server and leave nobody out.

:heavy_check_mark: A wide variety of careers listed below

:heavy_check_mark: An incredibly welcoming and friendly community

:heavy_check_mark: An educational new player experience

:heavy_check_mark: Attentive and on duty staff members

:heavy_check_mark: Hobbies listed below that are separate of character careers

:heavy_check_mark: An RPG type experience system that rewards roleplaying

:heavy_check_mark: Trinkets and bobbleheads that can be used to permanently increase player stats!

:heavy_check_mark: An expansive and rewarding organization system that grows with your group

:heavy_check_mark: Real player ambassadors to help show new players around the city

:moneybag: Careers :moneybag:

:maple_leaf: Drug dealing

:pill: Drug manufacturing

:red_car:Car thief

:hammer: Weapon manufacturing

:rotating_light: Police

:bus: Bus driver

:taxi: Taxi driver

:syringe: Doctor

:truck: Delivery truck driver

:articulated_lorry: Big rig driver

:red_car: Car dealer (includes live test driving of cars)

:recycle: Sanitation truck driver

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Hobbies :fishing_pole_and_fish:

:heavy_check_mark: Fishing

:heavy_check_mark: Hunting

:heavy_check_mark: Shooting

:heavy_check_mark: Mining

:heavy_check_mark: Smelting

:heavy_check_mark: Scavenging/Treasure hunting

On the Horizon/Coming Soon

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Real estate agent

:credit_card: Forger


Genesis 1.7.6g (Versecore build 3512) is now deployed with the following notes:


  • Temporarily removed Trucking blip from map/GPS
  • Added funds withdraw to Businesses
  • Upped the default org max from 5->6
  • Increased effect of Leadership skill on org member limit
  • Make the Handful of Coins from Scavenging usable
  • Weed Processing skill has a new effect on weed processing.
  • Increased effect of Weed Processing and Drug Production on harvesting weed from a grow
  • Major restyling work on the chat feed continues
  • Fixed a bug causing decimals to appear in payouts
  • Enabled Laundering, Tinkering and Gunsmith Autocomplete and Doublespeed Tokens
  • Added 10-7, 10-8 and 10-76 notifications to the chat for PD
  • Gunsmiths can now craft MG Ammo and Ceramic Pistols


  • Speed: Weed Grow now works as intended
  • Odessa’s Mercy now checks your bonus not the cop arresting you. (Sorry)
  • Speed: Tinkering now works at intended
  • Production: Backstreet now works as intended
  • Maximum HP now works as intended
  • Tackle Effectiveness now works as intended
  • THP / Level now works as intended

Genesis 1.7.7a (Versecore build 3534) is now deployed with the following notes


  • Haggling is now available at the Criminal Hub to be learned
  • New Skill: Negotiation - Affects MSRP price at Car Dealerships (Requires Accomplished Car Sales)


  • XP Bonus: Criminal will now increase criminal experience, rather than civilian, whoops
    -Implemented the following XP Bonuses:
    Stores, Taxi, Delivery, Towing, Bus, Sanitation
    -Implemented the following Pay Bonuses:
    Sanitation, Bus


  • Encrypted radio frequencies now function properly and are automatically unlocked for their respective organizations / businesses
  • Fixed a bug in Gunsmithing causing gunsmiths to have access to recipes far earlier than they should of been able to
  • Fixed a bug in calculation of experience causing your level to be calculated as 10 higher than it should of been.
  • Organization Levels will now provide a 5% experience boost per organization level, similar to your normal level.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to turn any billstrap into mustard billstraps, or any gun into a custom blueprint recipe gun
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from placing TalboTec Autominers
  • Removed old code that revolved around org ownership of the O’Neil Meth Farm
  • Improved the effect of Paying: High and Paying: Low on drug calls
  • Made drug prices shift (and new customers to spawn) four time per hour rather than once.
  • Fixed a bug causing XP: Drug Sales to have 10x it’s intended effect
    [9:39 AM]
  • Increased the occurrence of expensive cars and hypers at the car dealerships
  • Increased the minimum and maximum amount of all other cars so there will be slightly more available.
  • Removed Requirement of Repair Kit for Mechanic Field Repairs
  • Removed ability for Mechanics Field Repair a vehicle which is already repaired beyond the current skill of the Mechanic (aka the ability to actually damage the vehicle by field repairing it)
  • Added Repair Vehicle Engine (Engine repair only repairs the vehicles engine, duh. It requires you be at a shop and uses normal repair kits)
  • Changed recipe for Repair Kit to reflect this new use
  • Changed recipe for Advanced Repair Kit to be in line with new recipe for Repair Kits
  • Removed Iris Core from Loot from Various Crimes
  • Streamlined the Legendary Loot process so it’s way easier to change over to new boxes


  • In celebration of Lux’s Birthday we have doubled the legendary loot chance on all activities!


  • Coded half the patch, welcome back

Genesis 1.7.7d (Versecore build 3552) is now deployed with the following notes


  • Removed snow particles from the perico island.
  • Fixed some rare bug with particles


  • Remove paleto drug calls
  • Slightly reduced refresh time for visuals on laundry %
  • Fixed laundry % to show correctly.
  • Removed streamed down stores due to audio issues.
  • Fixed Tackle Bug.
  • Slightly moved casino entrance.
  • Added casino logs.
  • Slots Foundations
  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • Added peds back to drug calls


  • Removed the living economy off the drugs so schwag doesn’t stay valueless
  • Fixed mining respawn
  • Fixed RP Points not being properly consumed when you level
  • Added 'MURICA Box 2021 and it’s relevant items ( which will release this evening at 10:00 PM


  • Added new stat bonuses
  • Reviewed existing bonus values and functionalities
  • Fixed improperly assigned bonuses on some items in the database

Be advised we will be having an event shortly(about 30ish minutes) of a prisoner transport! Come and join and who knows, maybe you’ll get something out if it :wink:
Also, longer story driven events almost all weekend long! You don’t wanna miss out.

Genesis 1.7.7e (Versecore build 3589) is now deployed with the following notes


  • Prison time now caps at 90 minutes. Thank Chief Lockson not me.


  • Gemcutting skill added.
  • Plundering has returned to the crim hub and has its previous function.


  • Various precious gems now come from nodes when you mine them.


  • Tweaked the values of the vehicle and engine degradation so it’s not quite as obnoxious.
  • Disabled UBI for business employees that don’t get paid from the business, no double dipping.

LSPD Changes

  • Added an indicator on the screen for as long as you are 10-7 and on duty as a cop.
  • Only show the most 100 recent forensic entries in the MDT to prevent flooding it and making it slow.
  • Fixed the Commissioner rank display in the MDT.


  • Allow setting business job paycheck back to 0 after you’ve set it to anything above 0 and prevent negative paycheck values.
  • Fixed the hellion sell price.
  • Various small improvements not worth mentioning separately.
  • Fixed the background of the alert/warning popup screen for /trade and similar actions.
  • Fixed the bonuses for Marc DeMartini, Driveby King and 'Murica Ranger.

Genesis 1.7.7f (Versecore build 3600) is now deployed with the following notes


  • When taking out your vehicle from your house garage, you will now be placed inside your vehicle so you no longer get stuck clipping through your vehicle.
  • When you take out a car from a garage, the area around the parking spot should now hopefully get cleared properly of any local vehicles. Note that it doesn’t affect player vehicles, only local vehicles will be cleared. It’s not perfect, but I hope it helps at least a little bit.
  • The Casino Penthouse Garage (interior) entrance has been moved to the rear of the Casino to accommodate for vehicle-friendly interior entrances.


  • Some vehicle modifications weren’t properly applied when spawning a vehicle from a garage. This was due to a recently discovered GTA bug. This means that setting the vehicle customization will now be delayed by 0.5 seconds after you spawn your vehicle, to ensure it is applied correctly. You might notice a small change in vehicle performance because of this.


  • Added a garage at LSIA. You can now store your vehicle in the garage nearby when going to Cayo Perico.
  • Added a garage at the Casino. Please use this if you go to the casino with your own vehicle, to prevent the casino entrance from being blocked by all the cars!
  • The Casino Garage and Casino Penthouse Garage (interior) entrances are now vehicle-friendly.


  • The geodes now actually drop from nodes (let me know how often / not often you get them so we can adjust rates)
  • The Geode Dropoff and Gem Pickup have been implemented in the Quarry
  • The Jewelcrafting station at the Pawn Shop in Vinewood was added

Genesis 1.8 (Versecore build 3610) is now deployed with the following notes


  • Fixed Hunting Ammo exploit
  • Added /radiovolume command to set radio volume, this sticks between reboots and relogs
  • Allow female characters to have beards and chest hair if they so choose

QOL Updates

  • Rewrote vehicle health and degredation, the random tire explosions
  • Added a custom shop at Mosley’s
  • Added Mosley’s as an ownable business
  • Shots fired calls will no longer trigger during events
  • AR Use, SMG Use and Shotgun Use are now Tier 2 Skills. LMG Use added as a Tier 3 Skill
  • Respec Tokens now work from the inventory
  • Removed no longer used items, and removed them from lootable rotations (Crates, etc)
  • Added more supers, and hypers to the dealership and made them reliably appear
  • Added Shift-F3 Hotkey to open the Police MDT
  • Removed Pimentaco message when buying a car
  • Crafting materials can once again be sold to Milks, don’t make me regret it
  • Getting a blackjack now actually pays triple in the Casino
  • Metal Detector no longer says $1,500 for rental, it properly shows $500

Civ Tuning

  • Increased payouts of: Towing, Taxi, Post OP, Bus
  • Decreased XP of: Sanitation, Taxi
  • Increased XP of: Towing, Bus, Post OP


  • Dial Safes now payout based on the amount of pins in the safe, not a random amount.