GENESIS ROLEPLAY | Serious Roleplay | Live Anywhere | Own Any Store/Business | In-depth Economy, Crime, Gangs, Mechanics |DRUGS| EMS/PD, 17 different Illegal Activities (128 player slots) US/UK

GENESIS ROLEPLAY by Grizzly is a 128 player capacity, Serious Roleplay community, with a mix of players from all around the world to build a 24/7 populated city. GENESIS ROLEPLAY was officially launched in May 2021, and is loaded with numerous custom scripts, custom and personalized clothing, and a unique experience for our community. We have an incredible staff and development team that is focused on community feedback, to make this the most incredible city that FiveM players have ever been a part of!

You can live ANYWHERE on the map. You can own ANY business, including night clubs, restaurants, and any 24/7 store in the city. We have numerous custom vehicle shops, hundreds of import vehicles, and an extensive economy system for those interested in legal ways to RP. There is plenty of opportunity to play as a cop, paramedic, civilian, or criminal, and there is absolutely no shortage of ways to make money and have fun.

We would love for you to join us and begin your story in GENESIS ROLEPLAY. Please click on the discord link below to begin your adventure!

We look forward to you joining our incredible community, and know you will have an amazing journey!


One week until 1.0 launches!! Come get the hang of the city and get ready for some awesome RP!

New discord link

Discord Link has been updated! Look forward to seeing you there!

Genesis RP 1.0 is going amazing so far, and there is still room for a few whitelisted gangs. There is no limit to the number of gangs allowed, but those considered the “top” gangs/MC’s, etc, will have access to special privileges that enhance the RP and set them apart.

For an extra 10k starting money ask for Larsen and mention the code word “Muddy Cheeks”

First full night in City got to watch EMS handle an issue where one of the Cities officers had a…growth in a personal region and everyone involved had a hard time not laughing their asses off. Was a great time for all those involved, even the officer with the growth

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Can’t believe how fast the community is standing up.

Brilliant Server homes to many greate people. Community is solid and 100% reccomend this server

This server is amazing!

For anyone seeking a new server home and a place to really develop as part of a community join here!! it will tick all your boxes.
Steady economy … jobs that work… community roles available … great staff … its a place for gangs and civs , everyone has space to RP!

Haha, what an awesome experience for your first night lol… our EMS department is phenomenal. Some of the most fun RP I’ve seen with EMS

This is the third “city” I’ve been a part of and so far it is the best. Great community, helpful and friendly staff, solid RP’ers, balanced economy, import cars and bikes. This place will grow into something special.

Thanks for the positive feedback Atari! We love having you in the community :slight_smile:

Thank you all!

Thanks ZhWo, you guys have been awesome to have in the community and bring amazing RP!

Thanks Sinistro!!

We really are striving to provide everyone with the best city possible. It’s so great to hear all the positive feedback from everyone who has come into the city.
We hope to see some new faces around soon! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a fun and hilarious night

One week since launch and it’s going fantastic! Such great RP