Genesis 1899 | New Server! | Nations, Camping System, Businesses, Lots of jobs and activities to do! |

Howdy! Genesis 1899 is soon launching and we are first going to do a Beta phase to make sure we have no major economy or other issues before the 1.0 launch. However, those that participate in the Beta and apply for things such as a business, gang/group etc. Will keep those things for 1.0! So it is a good time to get in on the ground floor and take advantage of the opportunity!

Some of the server features:

  • Police and Doctors - Always looking for more of these!
  • Underground Moonshing- Get a group of friends and run a moonshine empire.
  • Stable System- Own and operate a stable, train horses, tame wild horses and sell for a profit.
  • Housing- Pretty much live anywhere.
  • Farming- Grow and harvest all kinds of things for making food and other items needed by folks.
  • Herb Gathering- Gather herbs
  • Hunting- Vast hunting system including Legendary hunts
  • Fishing- Fish and drink all day!
  • Traps- Get some traps and trap small animals, fish, crab, reptiles
  • Gold Panning and Treasure Hunting- Pan for gold or dig anywhere outside of town for items!
  • Gunsmith- Make weapons and ammo for all. Customize weapons
  • Blacksmith- Make items needed by gunsmiths and others
  • Mining- Vast mining system
  • Trains- Own a train and run deliveries
  • Coach Deliveries- Buy different wagons and deliver goods
  • Camping- Buy items to make a camp.
  • Player and society owned stores
  • Own Boats
  • Guarma Job- Travel to Guarma and make some Rum!
  • Pets- Dogs, birds, few other things!
  • Card Collector- Like pokemon but with a old school theme. Sell collections.
  • Dino Bone Photographer- Go around the map taking pics of dino bones and sell the pics.
  • Animal Notes- Study Animals and sell collections once they are all discovered.
  • Collectible Search- Find a variety of collectables around the map and sell them.
  • Black Jack- Lose your money…or win?
  • and More!!

Join the discord and get ready!


We are very close to launch. If you have been wanting to run/own something now is a good time to drop in!


We are in Beta! What does this mean? If you help, and apply for something and are approved in beta you will keep it as we move into the 1.0 launch. Wipe will be mostly money and inventories only. Please be and stay in character. We are working out Law and Doctor stuff still but looking for people to lead those roles and help form them into what they want. There will still be some things we need to adjust. Please report if your making way to much doing something or not making what you think you should. Report bugs and exploits. Have fun!


The state is live and out of Beta! Come check it out!


Let’s Go!!! :partying_face: :tada: :partying_face: :tada:


played in the beta great staff and loads to do. Now were live and ready to get things going im really excited to see what the guys here at genesis can do! everyone should come by and give it a chance im sure you wont bee let down!

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Still tons of opportunity here if you are looking for a fresh start!

We still have a good amount of businesses for grabs!

This event is tonight not tomorrow, the marketing company messed up!

can somebody add me to a server

You just need to join the discord and verify.

Genesis 1899 is now divided into 4 separate Nations.
New Hanover - Which encompasses Valentine, Annesburg, Van horn
Lemoyne - Which encompasses St.Denis and Rhodes
West Elizabeth- Which encompasses Strawberry and Blackwater
New Austin- Which encompasses Armadillo and Tumbleweed

Each nation will have 1 Governor - Yet to be appointed
Each Town will have 1 Mayor - Yet to be appointed

Nations and Towns will be working together to make their tax rates and laws
Towns can have their own laws and sheriffs will be responsible for enforcing those towns laws.
Outside of towns the Laws fall under the Nation and are enforced by Marshals as well as Sheriffs of the area.
You will be able to grab a daily reward from the town blip.

There have been discord channels set up for each Nation. Once you join a town of a particular Nation put in a request for the role.

New Banking system that integrates with this new Nation system. Move your money from the old banking system to the new!

Discord link is expired but super interested in joining

Is this server actually still up or did it die off?

it died sadly

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