Generating Interest - CFX status Bot V2

Hey guys,

So today i released a very simple and very basic discord embed bot which does nothing other than a small embed with a clickable title that will take you to the CFX status page.

This got me thinking should i make a API based one that tells you the info directly into the embed, Well fast forward a few hours i made it anyway and would like to know if it is even worth releasing to people.

Here is a preview of what it would look like in a normal channel
Screenshot 2023-05-24 033528

This will auto refresh every 60 seconds and then update to discord every 60 seconds too.

would anyone be interested in something like this?

Why would anyone need such a bot when they can just visit ?

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because lets be frank, people are lazy and do not look at the website straight away they go to the CFX discord and spam the channels while with this bot they can simply just look in a channel and see what is what etc.

great stuff would use the RSS or Atom feed cause you can get more informations but overall good stuff
intressted seeing this released gj

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thanks man i wanted to make it a more “in depth” version as it limits the usual “is the server broken” or stuff plus not that im hopeful but it might stop some of the spam in CFX discord

honestly its a great thing for server owners maybe add to your embed the rss feed or atom if there is something know like that gives even more in depth whats going on. Might be just me thinking but a good friend of me made also an bot that reposts the rss feed if there is one

Fetching the HTML objects of the status page isn’t really necessary.

You got various API endpoints that all return fully parsed JSON objects →

This allows for far more fun/advanced stuff when interacting with the status page.

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Good to know didn’t even know myself thanks for the hint

i have already redone it for the V2 which uses full API