Gcphone addons error

Hello my gcphone works well, but it gives error in console like 5x in hour.
Any way to fix it?

Error running call reference function for resource esx_addons_gcphone: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:355: @esx_addons_gcphone/server.lua:22: attempt to concatenate a nil value (field ‘y’)
stack traceback:
@esx_addons_gcphone/server.lua:22: in function ‘notifyAlertSMS’
@esx_addons_gcphone/server.lua:144: in upvalue ‘callback’
@esx_addons_gcphone/server.lua:133: in upvalue ‘ref’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:341: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:340
[C]: in function ‘xpcall’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:340: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:339
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘error’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:355: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:324
Error: Unhandled error in timer: Error: BUFFER_SHORTAGE
at n.e [as reserve] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:12766)
at h (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:15761)
at n.r [as decode] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:13908)
at n.fetch (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:6972)
at n.u [as read] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:12076)
at Object.n [as decode] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:7097)
at unpack (citizen:/scripting/v8/main.js:20:33)
at citizen:/scripting/v8/main.js:51:20
at setImmediate (mysql-async.js:14431:7)
at Object.callback (citizen:/scripting/v8/timer.js:96:21)

Comment with – the line 22 and see if is that.

mess = mess … ’ ’ … alert.coords.x … ', ’ … alert.coords.y

This is line 22

Any help?

yes put , is normaly called to comment a line
–mess = mess … ’ ’ … alert.coords.x … ', ’ … alert.coords.y

Is that your entire line 22?

Please help :smiley:

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