Garage System w/ support for Radialmenu ox_lib ox_inventory Qbox Qbcore (w/ ox_inventory)

NOTE credit goes to the original authors. I am improving upon someone else’s work, this is not an original release. This is a conversion for the QBox framework. This comes preset with garage locations, and supports the following.

Gang Garages
House Garages
Loaf Integration
Job Garages
Shared Job Garages
Radial Menu Integration

see more in the readme.

Things I’ve added:
Ox_lib conversion
Plate prefixes
Trunk items (ox_inventory)

Things to come:
Garage specific license checks. Define a license in the config to access said garage.


  • JonasDev99 - For the QBCore variant of the same garage.
  • ARSSANTO - For making code style suggestions and optimization.
  • JustLazzy - Code used from qb-garages script.
  • bamablood94 - Code used from qb-garages script.
  • QBCore - Code used from framework garage

just qbox?

Put qbcore/qbox in the title cuz other wise many will think this is esx or something

its setup for trunk items using ox_inventory you could technically use it in qbcore if you use ox_inventory and have ox_lib.

I am unable to access the garage. I can store vehicles in the garage, but I have no way of accessing the garage at all. The garage button on the radial menu does not work. I have all the dependencies, but still nothing.


esx pls

No esx. just got done converting completely to oxcore and ox_lib. testing and will release. No intention of using esx.

The link is not working. Would love to check it out.