Game Shutting Down After Loading Screen?

Hello, I have only started getting this issue after the Resent GTA V Update? FiveReborn starts fine and it lets me Pick a server… But when i start the server it shows the loading screen and Loads, when im about to join after the loading screen my game just shuts down? I don’t understand why this is happening? I have Reinstalled FiveReborn and the Game…

Same problem here!

check your citizen/common/data <-- it should look like this

@EZZA i dont have the levels map

This happen to me when I try to put modification for my add on cars on my server. I think maybe it’s the server problem .

restart pc this can be more than 1 problems it gan be that your ping my be to mutch and the server my not be abel to conect in the right milisecends to your client so also can be a internet problem be sure to alwys chack the ping on the server if its above 100 ping, and your internet speed is slow you are not green lightet for the server so it wil not alout you or time you out. if its your on server inject, it my be rooter problems if you have slow net try conecting with a local ip4 conection or just use or if your hosting on the same pc,
also if it gives a error after shoting down read it it my say that if your using custom car stream that you fuckt samting up,