Game never starts

I just created a test resource and clicked the “play button” at the top left.
Waiting and waiting at the loading screen…

Client logs: CitizenFX_log_2021-03-10T123050.log (232.9 KB)

Server console log:

check the ‘builders’ folder for the yarn dependency and make sure it is enabled

did you figure out the problem? it does the same thing for me. and the yarn script is enabled

You can type “connect” in the client console to connect to the server. I have alot of trouble with the game view in FXDK so i just open fivem first and then open the FxDK, that way the game view doesn’t work and i can test it on the regular fivem client.

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I was having the same issue and this resolved it. Thanks!

Do I have to do this each time? Not the end of the world