Game freezes after playing for 5 minutes

GTA V version -
Up to date - Yeah
Legit or Pirate copy - Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club - SC
Error screenshot - Game just becomes unresponsive
GTA V folder screenshot -
FiveReborn client folder screenshot -
CitizinFX.log -
.dmp files -

1.0.791.2 is latest GTA V version. Please update :sweat_smile:

Well the version it’s at is the latest my GTA will download, so I might have the most up to date, I got that number from looking in a txt file in my dir that was called version.txt

Edit: that was my launcher version, so yeah my game is up to date

What’s inside the plugins folder in your GTA V?

Which version of Windows?

in my gtaV plugins folder I have nothing in there and windows 10 but I have compatibility set for Win7