Game Designer looking for any available vacancies!

GKILLA i need your help quick add me on discord IconicGhost#7806


Amazing work!

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Bumped taking new work


hey @Onurozgen

What can you offer for me? Lets discuss in discord! My tag is hihowslife#5108

If not join my Discord server: LOLOL RP


when? :wink:

are these available for free?

Yes sorry for late reply


Contact me, SneakyTurtle#5100 or Premiere Gaming Roleplay

Hello Onur, we have seen your work and didn’t find a way to contact you.
We need your 3D skills for our company.
Here is my email adress, once we have a contact I will forward you to my Boss and he will explain you the job details, we are looking forward to hear from you. [email protected]
Kind regards.


If you are still looking and interested, check out FreshStart Roleplay! We are a community run by experienced FiveM members with experience in communities such as DoJRP and OceansideRP. It’s a place that all of our members have said they feel comfortable in.

Check us out at our FreshStart Roleplay Forums Post

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Sounds good, I’ll check the server out!

Open for new orders



Where could i find this supermarket. and are you open to orders?