Game Crashes when trying to join a server! Need Help asap

So I start FiveReborn as i should and nothing is wrong. then i press a server and it starts to load and everthing is fine until it come to ‘‘Invoking 0xc2471be7 INIT_SESSION init (14 of 17)’’ then it completly dies and the window shuts down. i have reed all the other threads and nothing of that they say there helps keeps still crashing. I have mods instlled tha my server admin told my i need to install to have the proper things for the server. Anyone having any suggestions? Thanks on Before hand!

I had this issue before. It was a corrupt vehicle file on the server causing it.

I have the same problem

did solve it had was problem with the pld and els files in my fivereborn folder

Delete the ‘cache\db’ directory in your FiveReborn directory, then re-join the server. If it freezes while trying to join the server, just wait, it’s still downloading the server’s resources.