Game crashes when spawning into world

I have a problem. When I load into a server the game cashes and does not give me an error. It crashes right when before I spawn in. Can someone plz help me, thank you.

GTA V version ~ 1.0.877.1
Up to date ~ Yes (Just reinstalled)
Legit or Pirate copy ~ Legal
Steam/CD/Social Club ~ Steam
Windows version ~ Windows 10
Error screenshot ~ N/A (No errors)
GTA V folder screenshot ~
GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot ~
Filepath to FiveReborn folder ~ C:\Users\[User]\Desktop\FiveReborn
FiveReborn client folder screenshot ~
CitizinFX.log ~
.dmp files ~ N/A (None correlate)

Also add what you already tried so far.
Reinstalling FiveReborn;
Verifying Cache via Steam;
Deleting Cache;

Yeah same to me :confused:

Make sure steam is running in the background.

@Boss i do it is not that

@anthony Last DLC it tried to load was this?

[5902875] somefunc found dlc_mpLowrider2:/![5902875] LoadDefDats: dlc_mpLowrider2CRC:/content.xml

Should have been the biker dlc? If you ever get a dump from the FiveReborn/crashes folder then just post it here, if not, try messaging me.

@anthony worked fine for me