Game crashes when opening map

When I open the map the game crashes and I can’t see myself on the minimap. I read somewhere that EnhancedReborn1 caused this so I removed it from my plugins folder. Now I only had TrainerV installed. It worked fine: I could see myself on the minimap and I could also the map and use it BUT, I couldn’t see other players anymore on the map… Does anyone know why this is happening and a fix for it?


You need to use the Enhanced Reborn trainer, it’s the most stable for FiveReborn actually. :slight_smile:


Multiple people are having this issue with the enhanced reborn trainer. It’s hit or miss when it comes to the issue your explaining. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t. Currently no fix that I know of.

This happens in combination with Trainer… wait for a fix, this has been posted several times now. Please use search button on the forums.