Game Crashes Almost Immediately on Startup

I know there have been a lot of other threads about this but i honestly cannot find any way to fix this without asking for help. What happens to my game is I will start FiveReborn it will show the FiveReborn screen above the small socialclub screen and then once it loads into the server screen over GTA 5 it shows a couple little red lines on the top of the screen and it says FiveReborn has stopped working. I also am not sure if this matters but every time I start FiveReborn it makes a new CitizenFX.log and continues on CitizenFX.log.1 then the next time i start it CitizenFX.log.2 and so on. I have looked at every thread and tried almost everything that I am able to do. I have a legit steam version of GTA that I bought myself. I reinstalled it yesterday and it worked the first three times i launched it and I was able to play then i closed to add mods and launched it again and it didn’t work. I reinstalled it again while i was sleeping last night installed FiveReborn this morning and it doesn’t launch. It is almost like it only launches when it feels like it. I would really like to play with my friends and if someone could try and help to get my game working I would really appreciate it.

Run it in windows 8 compatibility mode
And it should be fixed