Game crashes after some time of playing in server

It takes about 5 - 7 mins me to play in the server, everything looks great, no lag etc. etc. And bam, always the same shit I got to deal with… Searched entire internet, didn’t found anything similar to this.
Can someone help me?

CPU: i5 4690k 3.9ghz.
GPU: gtx 970 4gb
RAM: 8 gb.

Windows 10.

Check your taskmanager, how many handles does your CPU have?

@stumbras6 i know this problem a friend of mine has the same, can’t find an awnser. @Boss could it be that the cpu is to slow or can’t handle enough treats?

@Boss Usually when I’m surfing in the internet about 31500.

@pipje2001 Well I don’t know I have clocked it with my motherboard to 3.9ghz (msi z97-g43). But now I’ve noticed in task manager it shows speed: over 4 ghz. (4.10 - 4.25), could that be the problem, should I unclock it back to default 3.5 ghz?

@stumbras6 nah that should be a problem, your cpu is fast enough but i know that the cpu of my friend is not that good

Yea’ It still gives the exact same error…

Search internet for Win10 memleak, it’s pretty common.