Game closes when opening map


Every time I open my map on a server it crashes straight away and closes fivereborn.

I am using the most up to date version of GTA V that is a legitimate copy held on steam. I am using Windows 10. I am unable to get a screenshot as it simply crashes.

GTA V Folder
View here

DLC Folder
View here

It is just in a folder on my desktop

FiveReborn Client Folder
View here

CitizenFX Log
pastebin link to CitizenFX

.dmp files
Does not allow me to upload to here but can upload elsewhere if needed.

Tried so far…
I have tried to look through the forums and can’t find any full fixes for this. I have turned off the loss of focus on pause game.

Any help will be hugely appreciated! :slight_smile:

Any help at all?

Do you have Steam open? even if your game version isn’t steam. Steam needs to be open and running.

@pmawson many times I’ve been told this is a bug caused by the trainer…tho i’m not having the problem now, i use the v3 beta version of trainer @frugoo Steam isn’t related to what he is saying probably

This is a known issue indeed, being worked on.

This is not something that can be ‘fixed’. I do recommend you removing all modifications you have in your GTA V folder though.

some users get it some don’t i got it sometimes and then when i deleted the cache which contain the db folder which hold a log of some sort but when i deleted that it seems to reset some settings might help you

I had this issue, fixed it a couple days ago, delete your plugins folder and all the .ini files in you main fivereborn folder, and re-install everything to its latest version and install the .ini files in your plugins folder with everything else.

delete the dinput first of all no need for it, second delete the db folder inside of cache instead of the whole thing that might fix it also