FxDK FXServer won't Start


I have recently started the development kit for the first time, and whatever I tried clicking the start server button does not start the server.

Using the DevTools I checked the Console and I see that the server is being started but it’s terminated 15 secs later.
when copying the exact command and arguments from the console and running the server myself I see that right after entering the command the server crashes and creates a Crash Dump, but I have no clue how to read it.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Also, after looking a bit closer to the console output, I have found the right folder from where It should’ve executed the server, and when attempting to start the server manually using a Terminal I get:

unfortunately I have no clue how to actually take a look at the dump and find the issue.

Just to add something to the above issue, I have taken a Screenshot of my devtools console, as you can see right after the start the Server is being terminated.