FRX Version 4 Now Live. (Looking For Devs.)


FRX Version 4 Is now Live. (Looking For Devs.) We bring you a server full of awesome content and a chance to meet new awesome ppl to hangout with and have fun. :partying_face:

NO Paywalls in any content.:tada:

We offer:
-Over 2000+ Cars (Most with custom Engine Sounds.)
-Huge maps
-Custom Clothing

-Lobbies. (so you can choose the lobby you wanna play for a specific type of gameplay experience. This includes)

  1. Purge Lobby: For those that love to PvP and wanna release your bloodthirsty side.
  2. Chill Lobby: Chill or go on a nice cruise with friends or family. The perfect lobby for Car enthusiasts.
  3. Roleplay Lobby: Hangout with crews and do tons of roleplay without limits. Perfect for those that love to RP without issues and a touch more of Realism.

-Client sided time and weather. (So you can choose that awesome time and weather for any occasion.)
-FRX Phone (You can call, text or tweet in here and do more awesome stuff as well.)
-Other tons of stuff and content for you to enjoy Paywall Free.

Come Join Us at FRX and have the time of your life. Hangout with friends and family or alone. In FRX only your imagination is the limit. See you there. :slight_smile:

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Is it paid position or ?

depends on the work you can do.

You can see my looking for work Post and you can see all my works there if it’s allowed to share link let me know else click my profile and you can seeπŸ™‚ includes my portfolio, preview, etc.

ill take a look at it thanks.

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