Frozen Mirrorpark | Christmas Lake

A quick and simple resource to make your Mirrorpark lake frozen.
Might be nice for christmas. Thought i had a creative idea, but after i made it and went searching for a ice skating mod i saw that somebody else already made a Frozen Mirrorpark one year ago. Which also looks nice!

Anywaysss, here’s mine in case you want a more whiter lake. I also added some props on the island as a nice hang-out place and the lake (or pond, whatever its called) has a small white led strip going all around the side to add that tiny bit extraness. You can remove all props or add more if you want. The files are not locked.


Ymap is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Brain
Support No

Nice, did you will make the sandy lake too?

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Thanks 4 free release!

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Oh sadly not! :frowning:

Would it be possible? I really wanted sandy frozen last year but had no luck and am aiming for it this year hopefully.

Hmmmm, maybe i’ll have some time this week or next week to try to make that. Can’t promise but i will try!

Well feel free to keep posted and I will buy it asap if it becomes possible :slight_smile:

Oh hey, check out this pack from Uncle Just. I think it’d be worth the money! Also has the Froze Sandy Shores lake!