Frozen Alamo Sea fix

Hello! Im using the frozen alamo sea in my server and im having the issue of the water splashing up above the ice. never happen for me before so im not sure whats going on, any ideas? thank you

What the heck is that screenshot supposed to be? The “Frozen Alamo Sea” is an addon mod, that is included in the Christmas DLC from Natural Vision Evolved, a graphic mod.

You would need to contact the creator of Natural Vision Evolved, or simply purchase it and stop downloading broken leaked / stolen content.

The picture was crap but it gets the point across. The map is not leaked it is legitimately owned so dont accuse someone of using leaked assets unless you know, ive seen this issue in other servers and im wondering how I can fix it for my own server. Dont be a jerk just dont reply.

There’s your answer.

you don’t understand… it’s a server map mod, also stop assuming it’s leaked. if you don’t have anything nice to say, simply don’t say it. @TayMcKenzieNZ

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Calm down, kid. The Frozen Alamo Sea mod is from the Natural Vision Evolved mod creator, therefore, if you want help with it, as I’ve clearly stated, you would need to contact the creator of it. For support.

It’s not leaked, it’s been broken like that, I own NVE as well and have the same issue, but I can care less about that issue.

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You’re the one that needs to calm you still didn’t get the message so I’ll say it again… If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it… we’re being as calm as we can when you’re assuming it’s leaked, but now that you’re done assuming, you’re just being flat out rude.