French Takeover? Like Garry's Mod and Most Games

Seriously. Games like this usually die when 70% of servers are just now French. Honestly, I think there should be a limit of servers they can make, one French “network” has 6 servers… 6. This is annoying since all I see nowadays on games are French servers. I mean come on. Does every person have to create a server?

I may be exaggerating, but I don’t want it to be taken over, I would like it to be fair. For small US/UK/RU/PL servers to get some players on, while French servers in a matter of moments of creation, they get 100 players.


Forums have already been taken over by the French, too. :rolling_eyes:

Agreed. I wouldn’t mind some QA of the English language on these forums. It takes a lot of effort trying to understand what some of them are trying to say. It looks like no effort was put into those posts at all and it just comes over as demanding. Please don’t create language-specific sub-forums either, that just divides the whole community. What really gets me is that some are writing their code with variable and function names in languages other than English as well.

This is a map of the percentage of adults with sufficient knowledge of the English language in Europe. Not to get all political here, but even with the Brexit, English will still be the primary language for the EU, because everybody speaks it. I’m saying this because I don’t think you will be alienating anybody if some QA enforcement was done.

Please, please have them put more effort into their posts. They look written within 20 seconds while it takes me two minutes to decipher them.

It’s the french revolution!

Maybe more people in the US and Europe should make servers and then it would be balanced .
How do you want to tell people that they cannot make servers because they are French ?
What if there was too many US servers would you mind if the French said there was too many US servers we need to limit them and same for Europe ?
I have two US servers maybe they were annoyed that there was too many US servers .
I understand about the language barrier and that you can limit by simply saying English only here , but to tell someone they cannot make a server because there’s too many in their language wouldn’t be right .
Just my thought .

I think the only annoying thing for everyone is them copying and pasting other peoples work and calling it their own.

That is what you should focus on not how many servers They have.

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I think what @MsQuerade is getting at is more of the forum-oriented language enforcement, it’s nice that more people are starting to become interested in FiveM, and that more servers are being made, but I agree with him on that the forums has had a large fluctuation in French posts, and that it would be nice if there was some sort of enforcement on these.

I’m not trying to say that it’s a bad thing, but there should be a limit on servers, 6 is just ridiculous. And there should really be a way to show language based servers in the settings.

I think that you’re being a dick, everyone has the right to create his own server. If french people like me want to create servers, what’s the matter ? I mean, how can that annoy you ? We are not removing english servers by creating french servers. Just look for english servers and you’ll find some

The problem isn’t french people. If they aren’t no french in this community, this forum will be empty.

The problem is the lack of english people sharing their stuff.

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