Freedom Roleplay 2.0 | Realistic Roleplay | Balanced Economy | Custom Cars | Constant Development | HIRING LEO & EMS

Welcome to Freedom Roleplay! We are a new community that focuses on ensuring that every player has the ability to be whoever or whatever they want, and create their very own, truly unique story. FRP was founded by a group of people who came from other RP servers, intending to solve some of the problems/issues we encountered on those servers.

If you’re looking to get on with one of our whitelisted jobs, they’re basically always hiring. These include but are not limited to: Police, Medical Services, Mechanics, & Realtors. Both Police & Medical Services departments are not only hiring for “trainees”, but also experienced people to start in command staff roles.

Our server is constantly evolving. We’re always listening to feedback from our community and trying to find ways to improve the overall experience for everyone. We’d like to think that we’ve got a pretty solid foundation at this point, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement right? Come be a part of it!

Because we’re so new, we’re looking for creative and active players. We know it’s not always exciting to join a server/community when they’re first starting out because often times it can be tough finding people to actually play with, or things to do, but everyone’s got to start somewhere right? We’d like to think that we have a decent number of things for people to do without having to interact with other players – thus giving you things to do when no one else is around, and we’re constantly trying to improve this portion of our overall experience, particularly while we’re still growing.

Our staff team is very active and always willing to help. Whether you have a simple problem or you need some serious technical troubleshooting, our staff team is typically on standby willing to do everything they can to help you out!


  • NPWD (Phone Resource)
  • Full Codesign Character Suite (Multichar, Identity, Garages, Dispatch, and More!)
  • qTarget (Third Eye Targeting/Interaction)
  • Fully Custom LEO & EMS Vehicle Fleet
  • Fully Custom Uniforms for LEO & EMS
  • Custom Clothing (Slots 0-100)
  • Gang Roleplay Welcome
  • Advanced House Robberies
  • Car Boosting
  • PDM Heist
  • Bank Robberies
  • Drug System
  • Civilian Jobs
  • Player-Owned Businesses (Cyber Bar, Tequi-La_-La, Casino [Coming Soon])
  • Import Cars, Available to the Public
  • Advanced Vehicle Tuning System
  • & So Much More!

As I said before, I genuinely think we’ve got a pretty strong framework put together, we just need the players to fill the holes now! Come give us a shot, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for Your Time!


ATTENTION: Hiring for two administration positions and one new whitelisted job position! See comments below for more details!

These taxi fares are crazy… got me driving all the way from LS to Sandy.


We are looking to fill a couple of different roles within our community, they are:

  • Community Admin (Staff): We are looking to fill this role with another 1-2 people. This person will be responsible for ensuring everyone is following the rules, helping with support tickets, and providing any additional support to the rest of our staff team whenever they are able.
  • Redline Performance Owner: This person will be the owner of “Redline Performance”, which is our mechanic shop, import car dealer, and tow service all in one. As the owner you will be responsible for ensuring the business is ran smoothly, hiring and managing staff members for the business, performing upgrades to player’s vehicles, and providing tow services throughout the city if requested.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please join our Discord and let us know via a support ticket.

New Features and Changes are Here!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve recently added some new features and quality of life improvements I think everyone will enjoy! Check us out!

LSPD Chief J. Wallen Investigating Reports of a Vehicle Break-In at Koreatown General: