Free World FaQ

Hey Folks,
bringing you a new script today
Free world FAQ, its pretty cool & free so take a look

Embeds are broken Here it is though


I think I set up a pretty good setup guide so please read the readme, refer to that for any questions

p.s it runs @ 0.00ms


how do i make the chat box like yours lol

that’s okokchat

It is OKOKChat. It is an esx chat however I converted it to Standalone. I think it’s 10 dollars. I really suggest you pick it up, it’s a really nice chat

If you don’t want to spend 10 dollars on a chat I recommend u check out GitHub - Jaareet/c-chat-design-v2: A new reskin for default chat.

It’s extremely well made, and free :slight_smile:

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XD how to close this windows =?

The resource needs to be named FW-FAQ

thanks. this worked

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nice design

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Good release. Thank you.

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Wow. Great