[FREE]vRP Fisherman

Here is a video of how it works

It is a minigame that you have to press to move the thingy up and down to catch the fish

oxy_fisherman.rar (61.2 KB)


Looks good, does it work for vRP2?

Pretty cool. Nice!!!

Neat Idea but the code is a mess, and you can just stand ant wait for 3Seconds to get fish because it’s on a timer. Basically a glorified timer. So I suggest rewriting the code and actually implementing the minigame part.

It is not on a 3 seconds wait the thing is that when i restart the progress it does not restart it instantly and if i was not using the 3 second thinghy it will just give 10000 fishes.
Try it.

can anyone adapt this one esx

Very nice job !