[Free][VORP-ONLY] Untamed Rentals

Untamed Rentals offers a comprehensive and immersive wagon rental experience. This script allows players to rent different types of wagons, store and retrieve items, and return wagons for a refund. Customize the experience to suit your server’s preferences with a variety of configurable features.


Rent Wagons: Players can rent various types of wagons, each with its own price and properties.

Store and Retrieve Items: For wood and ore wagons, players can store and retrieve items using in-game prompts.

Configurable Locations: Set up multiple rental and return locations with configurable prompts and wagon spawn points.

Dynamic Prop Sets: Visual indication of stored items using prop sets for specific wagon types.

Refund System: Players receive a refund when returning rented wagons to designated locations.

Fully Configurable: Adjust almost every aspect of the script to fit your server’s needs.

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