[FREE][VORP-ONLY] Untamed Raids

Hello RedM Community,

This script introduces thrilling NPC raid missions where players can face waves of enemies and earn rewards. Customize the experience to suit your server’s preferences with a variety of configurable features.

:white_check_mark: VORP ONLY

:star: Features :star:

Dynamic Raid Missions: Engage in intense raid missions initiated by players, featuring multiple enemy encounters.

Configurable Areas and Waves: Define various areas with different enemy waves to keep the gameplay fresh and challenging.

Rewards System: Earn monetary rewards, item-based rewards, or both upon successfully completing missions. Rewards everyone in the area.

Notification System: Players receive notifications about mission start, ambushes, and mission completion.

Enemy Targeting: Enemies will target all players within a the configurable radius, creating a cooperative challenge.

Fully Configurable: Adjust almost every aspect of the script to fit your server’s needs.

:dollar: FREE

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