[FREE][VORP] KS Multi Job

This script allows you to have several jobs for one character without affecting the functionality of the framework.

Github link:

Download the release on github

Documentation: Multi Job - Korsy Script

Repo: GitHub - KorsyScript/ks_multijob

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  • :briefcase: Optimized 0.00ms.
  • :clipboard: Create job boards to select new jobs.
  • :mag: Select an active job from the menu.
  • :wastebasket: Delete a job from the menu.
  • :1234: Define the maximum number of jobs .
  • :wrench: Configurable and easy to translate.


  • VORP Core (2.4 or later)
  • oxmysql

Installation Steps

Add ks_multijob to your resource file
Add ensure ks_multijob to your resources.cfg
Run data.sql sql file
Configure config.lua file

Does this script allow switching of jobs without having to relog?