[FREE] VB-AC (Anticheat for FiveM) (Nearly Standalone)

Blocking built-in tools like nui devtools

what key to open menu


And why exactly?


i cannot remove these big walls why?

the model blacklist seemed to allow the vehicle to spawn in but it showed that it was detected. However it still spawned the model in, any way to get it to not spawn it in at all?

I’ll push a fix for that later :slight_smile:

Hello, there is a big wall that kid cheats spawn every time they get to my server, could you please find it and blacklist it?


server\main.lua → line 16 needs to be changed to:
local _charmoney = _char.getMoney()

server\main.lua → line 28 needs to be changed to:
local _charmoney = _char.getMoney()

Fixed. I forgot the () xD

Hi , i have this error

@VB-AC/server/main.lua:30: attempt to compare two nil values”

Download the new version in GitHub and check if it works

okay it works now . whitelist player will not get banned . but player with no whitelist will auto banned by system . how do i fixed that ?

Have you set VB_AC.BanPlayers false?

oh ya . tq for the quick reply

can you make whitelistet trigger i get banned from cutscenes?

I’ll push a commit in a few days to fix some freecam detections in cutscenes. Btw it’s really easy to do it

whats the resmon btw?

i typed in console vbacinstall i installed the anti injection in every resource but now when i connect to the server its automatic bans me and says Anti injection detected!