[FREE] @umt - wheel break


  • This script is designed to break off a random wheel of a valid vehicle if it collides with anything at or above a certain speed. The excluded vehicle classes are motorcycles, off-road vehicles, boats, helicopters, planes, and trains.

  • If a player is in a valid vehicle and it collides with something at or above the specified speed, a random wheel will break off. If the vehicle continues at the same speed after the collision, other wheels may also break off.




Will there be a version that doesn’t require FXServer at some point? I’d love to use this, but I don’t have an FXServer.


Uh? :warning:


FXServer is FiveM


So if that’s the case, my build which was just updated 2 days ago to 6364 should have no issues running it, however, it’s not running on my server currently…

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What is happening that shows it isnt work properly

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Get in a car, crash into something at over the default 100 speed, and all wheels stay on vehicle. No errors in console or server side.

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there is any native that detects if wheel is broken?

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I think the reason why it doesn’t work is pretty obvious

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Must be unable to read. So I’ll put it out again, it has been updated BEFORE adding this to 6364, which if my math is correct, is NEWER than 6351… So the issue is pretty obvious, you can’t read.

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If you don’t get any errors your version is correct because fxmanifest.lua requires 6351

In which vehicle class are you testing this?

I tried on an emergency vehicle as well as a sport and super. Is it vehicle specific? I will test again tomorrow night on all the classes. I’m currently away from the server out of town, so I can test further more tomorrow


Vehicle classes: GetVehicleClass - FiveM Natives @ Cfx.re Docs

local excludedClasses = {
    [8] = true,
    [9] = true,
    [14] = true,
    [15] = true,
    [16] = true
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broken not tire popped

can you pick up the wheels and fix the car?