(FREE) Tow Script


So I’m having issues. The tow script works perfect for vanilla cars but when i try to load addon vehicles onto the tow truck, it says vehicle has been loaded onto the flatbed but the vehicle doesn’t move onto the flatbed or attach to the truck. Any chance someone could tell me what I need to do to make this work with addon vehicles?

is there a way to set it so only a certain job can do the command

Are you running qb-core? if so you might be actually using the qb-towjob command for /tow as this is the default command.

If you see this text, then it’s using qb-towjob and there is a current bug with that script stopping player-owned cars from going onto the flatbed.

Try change the command in this towing script to townew or something and trying it:

I believe you can:

Add this at very top:

local QBCore = exports['qb-core']:GetCoreObject()

Then change the command to:

RegisterCommand("townew", function()
		if LocalPlayer.state.isLoggedIn then
        local Player = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayerData()
        if Player.job.name == "tow" then

Hello cool script, I have a question, if I use 2 tow trucks at the same time and want to charge the second one, it dumps the other one, is there anything you can do?

Good work!

i need help adding addon flatbed to script

great script one question how do I adjust the text prompts there’s some overlay issues.

how i add a flatbed

Easy :

local allowedTowModels = {
[‘flatbed’] = {x = 0.0, y = -0.85, z = 1.25}, – default GTA V flatbed
[‘your flatbed spawn name’] = {x = 0.0, y = -0.85, z = 1.25}, – Change vector for good placement of vehicle on the bed

just downloaded the script. need help as i have cars going onto addon cars however they are facing straight up. any idea on how to fix?