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Resource Preview v0.1.0


Welcome to boii_ui, a sleek, modern UI system crafted meticulously to allow players full controll over their UI. Our system is designed to enhance the user interface experience in gaming applications, prioritizing modularity, performance, and feature richness. Whether you’re developing a new server or wish to update and existing one, boii_ui offers the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal to elevate your project.

Why boii_ui?

  • :gear: Modularity and Flexibility: At BOII Development, we understand the need for a UI system that adapts to your specific requirements. boii_ui has been built to allow your players full customisation over their own interface to allow for a more unique experience on a per character basis. Each included element can be edited to their hearts content through the included settings tablet interface, they can even be placed wherever they desire.
  • :rocket: Optimized Performance: In the fast-paced world of gaming, performance is key. boii_ui is optimized for efficiency, ensuring that it enhances the gameplay experience without compromising server performance. Smooth animations, responsive interactions, and lightweight code are the hallmarks of our UI system.
  • :dart: Comprehensive Features: boii_ui is equipped with a rich suite of features, including a in depth context menu, drawtext ui, NPC dialogue system, progress bar, and a complete notification system all designed to allow players full customisation to enhance player interaction and engagement.


:package: Customizable UI Components

  • Context Menu: In-depth context menu system covering a large variety of menu options. From drop down menus to colour selectors and much more.
  • Dialogue: Complete easy to use dialogue system to allow for creating dynamic conversation options with NPCs.
  • Drawtext UI: Light weight drawtext ui system designed to eliminate the overhead of floating drawtext.
  • Notifications: Full notification system covering a large variety of notification types by default.
  • Progress Bar: Light weight progress bar system with canceling features.

Getting Started

To start using boii_ui, clone or download the latest version of the library and integrate into your projects. Make sure to read through the documentation for information regarding any of the utilities you wish to use.



None resource is entirely standalone.

Contribution & Support

boii_ui is an open-source project. We encourage developers to contribute, suggest improvements, or raise issues.

I will try to respond to any of the questions people may have here, however it will be a faster response to contact through our direct channels :slight_smile:


Much love and happy scripting! :heart:



Resource: boii_ui
Version 1.0.0
- All files
-> Replaced old boii development branding with new.

- All UI Styles
-> Replaced default UI styles to fall in line with other releases and boii_rp framework setup.

- Progressbar
-> Fixed issue with cancelling progressbar.

- Notifications
-> Fixed issue with alignment not saving.
-> Fixed issue with moving positions not saving.
-> Replace information with info to save on typing.

- Context menu
-> Added in a "disabled" option for menu items, disabled will now be greyed out and not interactable.
-> Added in a "interactable" option for menu items, if this is false the menu option will be inactive however it will not be greyed out.
-> Added support for action_type = 'function' for main and sub menu options.
-> Fixed issue with drop down menus not flexing correctly on multiple clicks.
-> Added multiline message support for input fields.

- Settings
-> Added grid overlay when positioning items and hid tablet UI so it is not in the way.

- Languages
-> Replaced left & right for flex-start & flex-end respectively.


Resource: boii_ui
Version: 1.1.0
-> Added support for control disables to make bridging easier for qb progressbar.
-> Added a action menu using ui style of boii_target supports nested submenus.


Resource: boii_ui
Version: 1.2.0
-> Fixed notification alignment issues causing text to span off screen.
-> Adjusted default style of action menu to follow other boii resources.
-> Improved dialogue can now enter arrays for responses for multiline text.