[ FREE ] [ STANDALONE ] TicTacToe (X - O) Game

About :

Tic Tac Toe Game or as we know ( X - O ) Game
Game Start With Using the Command TicTac when you near a Player
The Player You used The Command Near Him Well Get A Request To Accept
And You To Will Play !
The One who Request Will Play With X and The Player who Accept Will play with O

Requirement :

The Script Have No Requirement i Tried My Best To Make It StandAlone Script
So Everyone Can Use It
of course You Can Modify The Script To Your FrameWork Like :
place a bet Between The Players And The Player who won take all the money

Preview :

See video Here

Download :

TicTacToe Game

Credit :

All (HTML - CSS) Credit Goes To Zed Dash on CodePen
All (JavaScript - Lua) Credit Goes To D7y ( ME )

Config :

Config = {}

Config.Command = "TicTac" -- invite Command (Play With SomeOne)

Config.AcceptKey = "L" -- Accept Invite Key
Config.ToggleMouse = "g" -- Toggle Mouse 

Config.ClosestPlayer = 4.0 -- Distance For Invite

Config.TimeOut = 6000 -- Time Out For sec Player To Accept

Config.GameEndedTimeOut = 4000 -- Time Out To End Game After Win or Loose or Tie 

Config.Notifys = { -- Notify Lang
    ["noOneAround"] = "~r~ No One Near You !",
    ["succInvite"] = "Successfuly Invited : ~y~",
    ["InviteFrom"] = "You Have Invite Form : ~y~",
    ["Accept"] = "Press [~y~L~w~] To Accept",
    ["Refuse"] = " has ~r~Refused~w~ Your Invite",
    ["Win"] = "You are Great In X - O !",
    ["Loose"] = "You Did a good Job Good Luck Next Time..",
    ["Tie"] = "There's No Winner :b",

Config.OnXWin = function(Xplayer,Oplayer) -- Function Called When X Win
    print(GetPlayerName(Xplayer).." Beat "..GetPlayerName(Oplayer).." In X - O Game")

Config.OnOWin = function(Oplayer,Xplayer) -- Function Called When O Win
    print(GetPlayerName(Oplayer).." Beat "..GetPlayerName(Xplayer).." In X - O Game")

Config.OnTie = function(Xplayer,Oplayer) -- Function Called When No one Win 
    print(GetPlayerName(Xplayer).." Tie With "..GetPlayerName(Oplayer).." In X - O Game")

looks great!

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nice :ok_hand:t3:

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oooo so nice

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Nice work!

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Hey, i got a problem with that script. I’m using the ESX Framework and the game starts and everything but the other player can’t see the “x” and "o"s in the game. It would be lovely if someone could help me with that :slight_smile:

me too

is there an error in the cmd or Console (F8) or did you make some changes on the script ? if you did please send the code so i can see what the problem