[FREE][STANDALONE][TEST] Public Transport AI

OK Perfect :ok_hand:
Give me a ping when you done it. Thx

Edit: I see you uploaded it a time ago

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Ok, thanks for telling me this issue. I’ll try to find another fix for that.

how about adding a command when you are at the bus stop like /bus

Used for what exactly? I don’t get it

to start the script as when im stood at the stop nothing happens its need a restart for bus to spawn

The only way now is to restart the resource

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Love it!

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Any news about fix?

Hey, now I don’t have time to work on this :pensive:
On githib there is a more or less working version now.

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Don’t worry, thank you for your work!

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It does work, Scorpion01. You have given the community a great base for those with good coding skills to build upon. Well, not me, I am stumped on “Hello, world.” But I hope someone picks this up. Thanks for your contribution, man.


Any idea how to use this function in the script? I can’t find where exactly to put it to work SetEntityMaxSpeed(vehicle, speed)

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Hey mate, find and change the first numeric parameter of TaskVehicleDriveToCoordLongrange to set the max speed

if anyone pulls this off for qbcore plz let me know! :facepunch:

Hi mate! This resource doesn’t need ESX nor qbcore. Just the spawnmanager resource that should be already in your server. Just put this in your server and start it, but keep in mind it has problems so test it on your own before put it on a live server.

all of the blips came up beautifully, but the bus never showed… something I’m missing perhaps?

That’s one of the problems of the resource. The solution for now is to restart it until buses spawn

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ahh - yep! sweet resource once it’s running! I kind of like how the drivers are aggressive… i think it should be standard in any city that bus drivers don’t have to abide by local driving law lol

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Can you make me pay when I get on the bus?
Everything is working fine but I want the money to go out when I get on the bus