[FREE] [STANDALONE] Menuss - Menyoo Server Side

That just saved me a few days of development, thank you man.

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Unfortunately, not all props will be able to spawn, due to how Rockstar controls them - interior props need a ytyp and a manifest, and many props don’t have their own collisions.

It’s also important that you need to be on the latest gamebuild for all props to appear and spawn, but otherwise should be good.

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Any news on this? Thanks!

There’s also particle effects etc you can use on the resources I linked, that you could use in this script :slightly_smiling_face:

Really looking forward to the progress of this project and hopefully others can come together and assist you or provide suggestions and input.

I know a few talented people of whom I’ve sent the GitHub link to. Hopefully someone makes a pull request or something. Keep it up man! :sunglasses:


i would also like to collab and help with this project. send me a private message if interested. thanks for making this! looking forward to seeing its progression.

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