[FREE] [Standalone] Economy/Money System


Standalone money system


  • Standalone script
  • Phone integrated
  • Cash
  • Bank
  • Bank UI
  • Friendly config
  • Saves to database


  • Fixed Couple Bugs
  • Added /givecash
  • Added /pay
  • Added LegacyFuel Support (Forked)





  • Ensure you don’t change the script name
  • drag and drop both resources and start it in server.cfg
  • ensure their both started after mysql-async
  • for the phone script ensure the phone is started after the money script



would love if you could post a link to the preview…

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Standalone but needs mysql-async? i was so hoping this would have a possibility to save the money locally to to the server files.

After i Join on Server i get Errors:

SCRIPT ERROR: @money/server/server.lua:19: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘data’)
script:money] > ref (@money/server/server.lua:19)
script:money] > (@mysql-async/mysql-async.js:15543)

Do you import sql file to your database?

Hey, Saving locally isn’t worth it. Mistakes can happen like someone deletes the file or someone types something they shouldn’t have. Database’s is more reliable plus easier to work with.

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and its not worth creating database stuff for few people, i dont care if they get deleted, i have had to redo the server anyways so many times. anyways before i set my server up in zap or whatever, i cant test the database stuff so i dont even know if all the stuff work fine before i buy the server wich is a problem for me.

use xampp to setup a localhost database.

I agree with CritteR. If you don’t know if it works create one on your localhost machine to test. If you do not know how to create one there’s numerous amount of videos on google explaining how to do it. It’s better for development using databases in stade of local files.

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Zaphosting database works. All you need to do is download HeidiSQL and fill out al the credentials for the login. After that uploading the .sql and refreshing the database.

Does it require port forwarding or that stuff or does it work offline aswell? could not find an answer anywhere for that. the problem is i cant portforward with my internet and dont want to pay for a server before i know everything works atleast on the test server that i have on my pc

i know and i have used zap before but just dont want to pay for a server again if i cant get it to work like i want, thats why i need to be able to test the server fully before i buy a public server.

Works offline, on localhost.

No the hell they are not… I have been a server owner for over 4 years now and always avoid databases, they’re terrible to work with and overall just way over-complicated.

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I mean, They’re not terrible. You just don’t know how to use them which is fine. But for developers, it’s good practice to work with databases. Local files can get corrupted much easier than databases

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New Update

  • Fixed Couple Bugs
  • Added /givecash
  • Added /pay
  • Added LegacyFuel Support (Forked)
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so my server is more interested in fun and not saving money right, is it any way i can get this to work standalone without database that every time i restart it starts again like LegacyFuel just that u get money after 5 minutes and you can give away etc just for fun ? i will pay for it it’s something i would love get

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I mean it’s possible to remove all the database stuff.

Zaphosting gives all details for you to use. The database is created, they give you a username, password and if I’m not mistaken a port forward.