[FREE][STANDALONE] bulletin - Customisable Notifications

v1.1.8 Released

  • Adds support for updating pinned notification content as suggested by @Shatter3d


-- Send pinned notification
local pinID = exports.bulletin:SendPinned({
    type = 'advanced',
    message = 'This is pinned!',
    title = 'Title',
    subject = 'Subject',
    icon = 'CHAR_BANK_MAZE',
    theme = 'success'

-- Update it's content
exports.bulletin:UpdatePinned(pinID, {
    message = 'Updated message!',
    title = 'Updated title',
    subject = 'Updated subject',
    icon = 'CHAR_TREVOR',
    theme = 'error'


Only the message, title, subject, icon, theme and flash options can be updated at the moment.

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Absolut legend.

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Would also love to use this HUD on my server, with a few edits ofcourse, if you are okay with that let me know!

is it possible to use advanced with an mugshot from the playerPed as Icon?

my code

local mugshot, mugshotStr = ESX.Game.GetPedMugshot(playerPed)
	message = notification.msg,
	title = notification.title,
	subject = notification.subject,
	timeout = 5000,
	theme = 'success',
	type = 'advanced',
	icon = mugshotStr,
	exitAnim = 'fadeOut'

but the picture will not be shown :frowning:

Not possible with this library.

The only way to do it is use something like jonassvensson4 / mugshot to get the base64 image and store it for bulletin to use as the icon. However, you’d end up with a huge mugshot showing up in the corner whilst it captures it.

v.1.1.9 Released

  • Fixes progress bars not showing on standard notifications



Heyyyy, is there any change to get help to do align with minimap position?

I’m working on it and it’ll be part of the next release :+1:

Thats really nice, because i spent nearly 2 days now to manage to do that and still not working for me :smiley:

So, i tried out the es extended notification overide^ did as you said etc, but i keep getting the error no such export SendAdvanced in resource bulletin

Is there any update on the HUD

Hey, when we’ll get the bulletin notifications with position from hud safezone?

I trie to ad an advance notification for the bank just cuz its under the radar that i use but for some reason is not working . Can you help me out by telling me what i need to add and where please?

Where can i find that hud?

Hi is there any tutorial to put pinned notify, i want to learn how. Cant understand how

Pinned Notifications

is there a way to change the way the pop up ones for atms and things like locks that has a distance??

Where can I get this HUD? Would be very appropriate to the notification script! And it looks very attractive too. :heart:

Yo! hru? it would be interesting to talk to you in DM